Cataclysm in Blue Water

                                        By Renee Louise Johnson

Book One in the Blue Water Detective Agency Series


About the Author - Renee Louise Johnson

Writer, traveler, adventurer, wife, and mother, Renee is also a CPA with an MBA in Finance. "This complex and historical mystery burst forth after fourteen years of researching, and three years of writing. When I sailed into Santorini in 1994, I was unabashedly overwhelmed with the realization that my ship was bobbing in the caldera of a volcano. I gazed at the sheer cliffs - the result of a blast equal to millions of atomic bombs - in complete awe and wonder. The immediate and absolute recognition that this would be the subject matter of my first novel was as clear and dazzling as the deep blue."


Historical and archaeological information utilized in the novel was based on an extensive array of books and research materials from foremost experts and leading organizations, such as the Thera Foundation. (


Technical data on geology, seismology, and volcanology was compiled by John Douglas Pitts, President and CEO of Pitts and Associates, LLC (



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