Cataclysm in Blue Water

                                        By Renee Louise Johnson

Book One in the Blue Water Detective Agency Series


Excerpt - Cataclym in Blue Water

Chapter One

Akrotiri, October 30, 1974
The Devil's Claw
"Professor Vassos Stamatopoulous did not take his next step. He did not breathe. He froze, a living statue with one foot raised in midair. His sixty-eight-year-old mind exploded with disbelief. Ten seconds of eternity passed. Lowering the elevated shoe to the ground, Vassos paid scant attention to the puff of ghostly gray, which swirled upward. The ash from the ancient volcano settled back quickly. Another layer of dust covered the shoe's scuffed and worn brown leather.
"What the hell...!" Hidden inside...?" No, no, not possible!" He thought he heard a faint buzzing sound emanating from the same location as the unimaginable glitter of light.
Gnarled from years of painstaking digging, his left hand cupped, rotated upward, and covered his eye. The right hand held a quivering flashlight. It shot a tunnel of light onto his footprint in the ash. His eyes glazed over and began to sting. Vassos blinked. Nine seconds snaked down his spine. He begged his heart to stop racing. Take a breath. Think."
A note from the author:
I took a little different path in this book - One that I trust will intrigue you and peak your interest. To set the stage for this book, the first four chapters take you all over the globe and span 4,000 years. Is your curiosity peaked? Once you are on your way, you will not be able to set the book down. You will love how all the storylines merge, your curiosity will be satisfied and well-rewarded, I promise! You love history? You love mysteries? You love globe trotting to exotic locales? You love brain twisters and puzzles? Fasten your seat belt!
Renee Louise Johnson

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