Cataclysm in Blue Water

                                        By Renee Louise Johnson

Book One in the Blue Water Detective Agency Series


The desperate wish of a half-Eqyptian half-Minoan boy, who crafts a granulated gold starfish pendant in 1886 B.C. to honor his mother, is the heart of this novel. Cataclysm in Blue Water is an epic journey filled with intrigue, romance, thievery, murder, and natural disaster over the course of four thousand years.


A riveting modern mystery weaves in and out of an ancient mystery. From the royal workshop of King Amenemhet II of the Twelfth Dynasty of Egypt - to the Bronze-Age world of the Minoans and the horrific volcanic eruption of Santorini -to the professor who discovered the ash-covered village known today as Akrotiri -and to our unrelenting modern-day heroine Krista, who uncovers the truth - the reader is swept along an amazing and breathtaking journey.

This novel is based on historical and geologic truth. The reader will enjoy a fresh approach to an enduring enigma. While focused on the human drama in the lives of several fascinating ancient characters, the reader is given a ground-zero view of one of the greatest volcanic eruptions of all time. Through the eyes of the nature-loving, sophisticated, and technically-advanced Minoans, who were living in the midst of geologic madness, the reader gets a glimpse of what is likely the birth of the legend of Atlantis.

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