Cataclysm in Blue Water

                                        By Renee Louise Johnson

Book One in the Blue Water Detective Agency Series



Prologue:  Egypt, 1886-1693 B.C.

Chapter One:  Akrotiri, October 30, 1974, The Devil's Claw

Chapter Two:  Menarthos, Spring 1692 B.C., A Thief Returns

Chapter Three:  Paris, October 29, 1974, Foot Fault

Chapter Four:  Weston, April 21, 1994, The Eyes of Satan

Chapter Five:  Menarthos, Fall 1692, An Egyptian Monkey

Chapter Six:  Weston, April 25, 1994, Continental Drift

Chapter Seven:  Seismic Activity in Santorini and the Aegean by Ellen Harris, Professor Emeritus, First in a lecture series

Chapter Eight:  Menarthos, Winter 1692 B.C., The Birth of a Legend

Chapter Nine:  Istanbul, May 8, 1994, Following the Detonation

Chapter Ten:  Menarthos, 1691-1669 B.C., A Grudge

Chapter Eleven:  Ephesus, May 9, 1994, The Lost Son

Chapter Twelve:  Menarthos, 1669-1658 B.C., Mysterious Disappearance

Chapter Thirteen:  Kusadasi:  May 9, 1994, The Lure of Gold

Chapter Fourteen:  Menarthos, 1653-1640 B.C., A Warning

Chapter Fifteen:  Sailing to Marmaris, May 9, 1994, Bare Feat

Chapter Sixteen:  Geological Forces at Work in Santorini by Ellen Harris.  Second in a Lecture Series.

Chapter Seventeen:  Menarthos, 1638 B.C., Death in Sacred Cove

Chapter Eighteen:  Marmaris, May 10, 1994, The Heel

Chapter Nineteen:  Menarthos, 1637 B.C., A Family Torn

Chapter Twenty:  Santorini, May 11, 1994, Minus Minos

Chapter Twenty-One, Menarthos, 1636 B.C., A Death Shroud

Chapter Twenty-Two:  Delos, May 12, 1994, A Mother's Fear

Chapter Twenty-Three:  The Bronze-Age Eruption of Santorini by Ellen Harris.  Third in a Lecture series.

Chapter Twenty-Four:  Incomprehensible Destruction

Chapter Twenty-Five:  Weston, May 20, 1994, A Shocking Revelation

Chapter Twenty-Six:  Weston, May 21, 1994, Exposed

Chapter Twenty-Seven:  One Year Later, The Petros M Nomikis Conference Centre, Fira Santorini

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