Cataclysm in Blue Water

                                        By Renee Louise Johnson

Book One in the Blue Water Detective Agency Series


Minoan Characters

Note:  Characters - based on figures in the frescoes of Akrotiri (Santorini) - referenced by description and archeological site.

Occupants of House of Alexion

1. Leodontas: Grandfather of Filonides (the Potter - aka the Swallow Master), and Kepkles (the Thief) (1753 BC-1723 BC)

2. Xenax: Father of Filonides and Kepkles, Widowed by First Wife and Remarried in 1712 BC (1735 BC-1711 BC)

3. Filonides: Half Brother of Kepkles, Mother - First Wife of Xenax (1712 BC -1665 BC)

4. Kepkles: Half Brother of Filonides, Mother - Second Wife of Xenax (1711 BC - 1684 BC)  

                    4a. Alexion: Son of Kepkles, Eura’s Second Husband, Fleet Commander (1691 BC -1620 BC)

           4b. Kepala: Granddaughter of Kepkles, Wife of Thalios, Mother of Asopria (1657 BC -1632 BC)



Occupants of House of Eura  


1. Eura: Daughter of Filonides, Woman Holding Necklace, Xeste 3 (1692 BC-1659 BC)

2. Phaelodros: First Husband of Eura, Adult Male with Loin Cloth Holding Jug, Xeste 3 (1693 BC-1635 BC)

3. Alasso: Daughter of Eura and Phaelodros, Third Figure, Ground Floor, Room 3a, Xeste 3 (1674 BC-1633 BC)

                     3a. Theopelis: Son of Alasso (1650 BC-1622 BC)

                            3b. Zalliandros: Son of Alasso (1646 BC-1619 BC)

4. Thalios: Son of Eura and Phaelodros, Young Adorant Carrying Fish, Room 5, West House (1672 BC-1633 BC)

                     4a Asopria: Daughter of Thalios (1653 BC-1620 BC)

5. Mykai: Twin Son of Eura and Alexion, Boxing Boys (on Right), Beta 1 (1666 BC- 1630 BC)

6. Arikrates: Twin Son of Eura and Alexion, Younger Than his Brother by Two Minutes, Boxing Boys (on Left), Beta 1 (1666 BC-1627 BC)

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